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Curators Of Daily Rituals

18 Apr 2024
Curators Of Daily Rituals


At Jackson Vaughn, we are more than candles.  We are a family-driven, design, lifestyle, and retail collective. We have a passion for detail and a love of tradition. We find joy in hosting others in our homes and sharing simple pleasures with family and friends that have become family. 

Founded by Pamela J. Jackson and Jeremiah V. Headrick in 2000, our journey began with a shared vision of bringing simple elegance into the homes and daily lives of our clients. Inspired by our love for candles and the desire to create evocative atmospheres, a holiday gift to special clients marked the beginning of our beloved proprietary collection, starting with the renowned 'No. 1' candle. Since then, our candle offerings have flourished into four in-house collections featuring over 40 distinctive scents. Our family of shoppes has become a sought-after destination, inviting both locals and visitors to take home a piece of our curated and scented world.  


Join us here as we share home design tips, and beloved family traditions.

In both our designs and our shoppes, our heartfelt wish is to transform even the most ordinary gestures into something truly beautiful and to turn everyday details into daily rituals.

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