Add a little something extra to your holiday season.

Simple, handcrafted ingredients create a modern take on holiday classics.

“One candle fills a whole room, it’s magical. I just bought three more as gifts!”

Alexandria B.

Layered, rich fragrances

with bold scent throws

Hand blended & poured

with an eye for design

Lasting enjoyment with

a generous burn time

Texas Holiday

The perennial best-seller with toasted pecan, vintage leather, spiked eggnog, and spices to recreate nostalgic memories of a Lone Star Holiday spent with cherished family, good friends and all the pies you can eat!

Home for the Holiday

Three unique scents, each with their own twist on classic favorites:

Hometown Holiday - Evergreen provides the classic fragrance, with a touch of frankincense and myrrh for a little something extra

Midnight Mistletoe - Fresh pine, wild sagebrush and forest moss create an earthy, calming aroma of wintry bliss

Moonlight Sleigh Ride - Warm vanilla, golden amber and smoky firewood for a spritely lift through winter wonderland

Fall and Winter Seasonal Classics

Fall isn't just about the holidays. Take a stroll through the season and enjoy every minute.

Tradition - A great way to welcome shorter days and longer nights

Folklore - Enjoy the brisk air of changing leaves amid cooling breezes

Kinfolk - Bundle up and stay warm while being transported to classic forest serenity

About Jackson Vaughn

  • Jackson Vaughn has been making candles for twenty years, always with a passion for design and meticulous attention to detail. Each candle is hand poured, with scents inspired by hometown traditions and family moments. Every scent is curated specifically to add to your home without overpowering aromas. Subtle scents fill entire rooms thanks to carefully designed wide-rimmed jars that look as good as they smell.


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