Room Sprays

Add an instant lift to any room in the house or anywhere on the go.

“This is my go-to cheat for whenever I’m having company… so quick and I get so many compliments

Rachel P.

Layered, rich fragrances that last with a single spray

Craft scents inspired by our own most popular candles

Beautifully packaged in convenient, go-anywhere glass bottles

No.2 Society Home Fragrance

An amorous fragrance of sanctuary. A sweet heart of cocoa beans entwines with a romantic bouquet of white florals and a warm embrace of sensual patchouli. Subtly passionate.

No.6 Cliff Home Fragrance

A crisp stroll through forgotten woods. Freshly fallen leaves underfoot mix with mossy stones. A distant fireplace ignites a luxurious scent.

No.8 Homestead Home Fragrance

The dense, indulging warmth of ginger root. Heavy stacks of earthy hemp bales. A bold and aromatic gesture.

About Jackson Vaughn

  • Jackson Vaughn has been making candles for twenty years, always with a passion for design and meticulous attention to detail. Each candle is hand poured, with scents inspired by hometown traditions and family moments. Every scent is curated specifically to add to your home without overpowering aromas. Subtle scents fill entire rooms thanks to carefully designed wide-rimmed jars that look as good as they smell.

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